How to Lose Weight in Hips & Butt

If you are trying to lose the weight in the hip and butt then the first thing you need to do is committing to a healthy lifestyle. You cannot lose weight in hips and butt by just training them. If you would like to lose weight in any specific part of the body then you have to lose weight of the whole body.

When you cut too much calories and a crash diet will blow back and activate the survival mechanism of the body because the body will get scared of starvation. There are some ways to lose weight in hips and butt that you can follow in your life and can have a good fitness.

Instruction to lose weight in hips and butt

  • Cut down your daily calorie intake to 15 to 20 percent. If you want to lose 1lb, you have to lose 3500 calories so lose the weight step by step and achieve the goal of 1lb in a week time by losing 500 calories per day.
  • Eliminate simple carbohydrates, fried and packed foods, saturated fats from your diet. Choose healthy options like fiber, whole grain foods vegetables, domestic fowl, chicken, olive oil, fruits and raw nuts. Instead of frying, bake or roast the food. Avoid alcohol and drinks with loaded sugar and choose water as your main drink.
  • Do some exercises in order to increase the metabolic process and to burn more calories. In a day carry out cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, biking and swimming at least for 20-30 minutes. Include weight lifting exercises for about 30 minutes where you will target the entire body. Don’t train the entire body at once divide the parts and train them over the days like arms and shoulders training on Mondays, train abdominal and back on Wednesdays and hips and legs on Fridays.
  • Carry out the exercises which targets the hips and butts then you can lose weight as well as can get toned muscles easily. Lunges, squats, pelvic lifts, kneeling kickbacks and dead lifts are some of the exercises which target the hips and butts. Take some more extra challenges in doing the exercises by holding dumbbells during lunges and squats, placing weight on the hips while doing pelvic lifts.
  • A healthy lifestyle includes eight hours of proper sleep which is very essential to burn calories. When you sleep for total eight hours your muscles will reinstate and refresh themselves which provide you the new energy for rest of the day.

About Karen

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